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Company's Celebrations Celebrations to Increase Employee Motivation

Employees’ Birthday

The easiest and most simple celebration to increase employee motivation is by celebrating your employee’s birthday. While some prefer to keep their birth of date a secret because it is not a big a deal to them, when you make an effort to get a cake on their special day (or make it a small surprise!) it means a lot to them because your employee would realize they play an important part of the company.

Project Achievement

Another celebration that would increase employee motivation is by celebrating employees’ project achievement. Good employees thrive at work when they know their contributions have meaning. Letting your employees know the ways in which their work matters to you, the company or even to their fellow colleagues, helps keep your employees engaged and excited about their work.
It is especially meaningful when the appreciation comes from their supervisors. It does not take a big raise or expensive gifts to make your employees happy.

Employee Appreciation Day

A celebration that is worth making a big deal about is celebrating Employee Appreciation Day. Even though is celebrated on the first Friday in March, there is no harm in planning earlier or even marking it on your calendar.

Our Company using Employee Appreciation Day to thank their employees as it increases employee job satisfaction. The holiday is also to remind employers to recognize and reward their employees’ effort and to offer tips for building a stronger corporate culture through employee appreciation.

Company’s Anniversary

Every year is an important celebration as it marks a huge success at how much the company has evolved; in the size of employees, the office space and especially finance wise. It is also a time to reflect on the errors and mistakes made that make the company where it is at the present moment.